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Art Club

Allen Park High School Art Club
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The city of Allen Park is full of artists of all different kinds. Whether they write long poems and stories in ripped open notebooks that they drag everywhere, spend hours with a tiny paintbrush trying to make the fingernail on the finger of a person finding 20ft into the background of a huge collage, submit and save information constantly on the computer to make sure that their coding turned into a beautiful program, record and listen to musical piece they recorded 900 times in order to make sure it sounds just right, cook with extremely tiny measurements of spices more and more at a time to make sure the food turns out just right, poke at a chunk of clay to make sure that it forms the perfect shape that they've imagined, or any other action where they put their mind into reality, they are an artist. Their artwork could be of beautiful distant lands that don't exist, or of disturbing truths hidden under the surface of society, but no matter what object you use, what senses are required, and what idea you have in your head, it can be art. Art can take 20 minutes or 20 years, art can be a simple set of shapes or a complex neverending maze of lines, art has no boundaries.
In Art Club, and in ap_artclub, we collect the designers, the imaginers, the creators of the arts or even the people who just admire them to come together and celebrate their interests. You may meet new people that you never recognized in the hall before, or see a friend and spend time with them at a meeting, but either way there will be people to meet. Art club is a team, when there's an art festival coming to the area, we try to represent the city of Allen Park or even just the Art Department of the city with different projects. There are occasional field trips where we get to see beautiful things such as the Heidelberg Project and the Detroit Institute of Arts.

We much as I'd like to thank the members of the art club and the Presidents and Secretaries, I would also like to thank Mrs. Gohsman and Mrs. Hall, because without the art teachers, this club wouldn't have made it for so long and kept everything together and official.

This is only a tiny group of the many different people who show up from time to time at the meetings. Pictured here are Cara Stasick, Matthew Kolongowski, Robert Forster, Lauren Bardallis, Carrie Jackson, Jacklyn Adams, Leah Cole, Cesar Ledezma, and Tiffany Foxworth.

President: Tiffany
Vice President: Cara
Secretaries: Gabbi