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[18 Dec 2010|03:54pm]

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[27 Apr 2007|10:22pm]


The Art Club Fashion Show is OVER!!!!! *Cheers*

The night was a big success. It went wonderfully. The models were smoken', the art was beautiful, & food was sold. (We made about $26 dollars-not bad, not bad at all!) 
I'm proud of you guys. No, seriously. I was getting a little worried, but you pulled it off. It was great. But if you want to do this again next year, don't tell me yet. Give me at least a week. Thank you guys. :)

On a side note, do you guys want to have an end of the year party? I think it would be fun, we could maybe even combine it with Diversity club if that would be easier. Tell me what you think.

I also want to have a few field trips before the end of the year, but this weather is screwing me up. More on this later.

The current project is painting & weatherizing murals for the courtyard. We only have a few meetings left, so see you there!

Tiffany, over & out.

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[16 Nov 2006|06:39pm]


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[26 Oct 2006|09:36pm]

Yay for Halloween masks!!! <3
Next meeting: Tuesday, October 31st : Halloween
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[19 Sep 2006|08:24pm]

:D Leah hasn't updated in here in ages!
I sewed a little stuffed animal and it's cute!
cut because I'm not a FP killer.Collapse )
Not very good pictures, I kinda took them in a hurry.
Next time I go over matts I'll take good pictures of it :]
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[19 Sep 2006|05:21pm]

[ mood | Artistic!! ]

YAY!! The first meeting of Art Club for the 2006--2007 school year went off without a hitch! Whhhhos excited? :D :D <3 lol. Next meeting---- date to be determined, but some time next week. YaY! Tiffany

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Diversity Club Members [16 Sep 2006|07:05pm]

Hey, sorry for this showing up on some people's friends pages more than once but I figured that since there is so much overlap with members, it would be alright to pimp this out here, too.

There is now an APHS diversity club lj community:


All members and anyone who thinks they might be interested in joining are welcome!
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I'm Super- thanks for asking! [15 Sep 2006|10:07pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Thank you to everyone who showed up at the pre-meeting today at my house!

I'm so proud to have supported Art Club by lending my house over :'D.
I'm also so proud to say that I, Cara Stasick, has been selected as Vice President by our ever so wonderful President, Tiffany. Gabby is the Secretary!! She takes good notes 8D.

We discussed a many of things, which if you missed the meeting we'll gladly fill you in on, including the end-of-year gallery, the possibility of doing a fashion show, field trips, jackets, and more.

Nothing was really set in cement, because we were just throwing out ideas.

I can't wait until the first official REAL meeting on Tuesday!!
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[10 Sep 2006|12:02pm]

[ mood | excited ]

What a fantastic site you developed for us, Tiff!!!!   Thank you so much!!!!!

This is my first trip to LJ - you inspired me to come up with my own account so that I can respond to this site of yours... it makes me wonder if we couldn't use it to communicate easily with all the members who are so involved in crosscountry this fall -- even for things like nominations for ArtClub officers... 

Your "premeeting meetings" are a great idea too - have you had any yet and how did they go?

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[01 Sep 2006|12:27pm]

[ mood | determined ]

Hello, my fellow Art Clubians! Tiffany here to share my plans with you all! 
As you all know, school is less than a week away. Upon my return to the school, I am going to go say a big hello to the art teachers. Then inquire when the first day of Art Club is scheduled to be. Having secured that information, I will then select 1 day per week in the three weeks leading up to that momentous day to schedule (dun dudu dunnnnnnnnn!) 3 Pre-Meetings. (Tell me what days are good for you guys when you know) Anyway, These pre-meetings have 4 main objectives:
1st- To insure we waste as little time as possible when the REAL meetings start.
2nd- To familiarize any new-comers who happened to hear about the pre-meetings with Art Club.
3rd-Develop at least an idea of  what we want to do this year.
I will post the schedule here. If I've forgotten anything, PLEASE TELL ME, so I can revise as necessary. 

Pre-Meeting 1


Mention to everyone to start thinking about who to pick for Art Club:

  • President(s)
  • Vice President(s)
  • Secretary/ies

Mention how SERIOUS these positions are- don't run if your not going to come every week. (Or at least try to.)

Pre-Meeting 2

Discuss things to be done this year--Art-wise

Discuss things to be done this year--Trip-wise

Courtyard detail(s)


Pre-Meeting 3

Discuss Art Club Accessories

  • Art Club Jackets? Patches? SOMETHING!!!!
  • Weaving? -Could be done at someones house.
  • Art Gallery. -START COMPILING NOW!
  • Contests? -Laurens idea.


Tell me what you think. Tiffany, over and out.

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